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IN-NOSE Ipermar

IN-NOSE Ipermar is a medical device consisting of a hypertonic solution based on Sale marino integrale di Cervia, Acqua Madre salina delle Terme di Cervia and Hyaluronic Acid with physiological pH and preservative free.

Thanks to the transport of water induced by the osmotic pressure and to the presence of hyaluronic acid, IN-NOSE Ipermar decongests the nasal mucosa, fluidifies and softens the exceeding mucus, helping the removal of the impurities, guaranteeing the hygiene and cleaning of the nasal cavities. It is packed into 5 ml single-dose vials and it is provided with a nasal adapter which eases and improves the washing operations.

It is particularly suitable for the execution of nasal washes as it frees the nose from mucus in every phase of nasal congestion due to nasopharyngeal affections such as cold, rhinitis, sinusitis, allergic rhinitis etc.

It can be used for the cleaning of nasal cavities daily, also in absence of pathological state, in order to guarantee the maintenance of the mucociliary clearance, as it complies with the physiological balance of the mucosas and it helps the removal of allergens, pollution, germs and bacteria giving a sensation of immediate comfort.

IN-NOSE Ipermar is also suitable for children from 1 year old

Shelf life: 36 months