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Inhalation solutions


IN-NOSE NATUR AIR is a Medical Device classified in Class II for inhalation use consisting of a hypertonic solution based on vegetal extracts of Melissa Officinalis, Perilla Frutescens and Timo Serpillo in combination with hyaluronic acid, packed in 3 ml vials.

IN-NOSE NATUR AIR is indicated to oppose and prevent the symptoms resulting from alterations in the trophism of the respiratory epithelium such as cough, rhinorrhea, pain typical of flu syndromes but also linked to external allergens. Behind these conditions there is a reduction in normal mucosal hydration and a consequent reduction in mucociliary clearance causing a vicious cycle that can lead to respiratory tract obstruction and to viral and bacterial infections.
Therefore the nebulization of moisturizing substances, such as hyaluronic acid, is the correct therapeutic approach to restore the level of hydration, giving relief to the irritated mucosa. The hypertonia of the solution contributes to hydration allowing the fluidization and removal of the mucus. The selected plant extracts perform an antioxidant and soothing action contributing to the restoration of the physiological balance of the respiratory mucosa.

The nebulization of the IN-NOSE NATUR AIR is optimal also for the cleaning of the nasal cavity and of the upper respiratory tract.

Shelf life: 36 months