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IN-NOSE Clean-C is a Medical Device based on hypertonic solution with Vitamin C glucoside and Tween 80

IN-NOSE Clean-C is indicated for the hygiene and cleaning of the nasal cavities. It can be used as an adjuvant in the treatment of upper respiratory tract diseases, as it frees and cleans the nose, performing a useful action to counteract sinusitis and rhinitis, even of an allergic nature. It protects the nasal mucosa from alterations caused by external agents such as smoke, smog, dry air, pollen, allergens, germs and bacteria. It is indicated as a decongestant of the nasal cavities to free the stuffy nose. It is packed in monodose vials of 5 ml and it is provided with a nasal adapter which eases and improves the washing operations.

IN-NOSE Clean-C:

  • offers relief from nasal congestion (stuffy nose);
  • helps prevent the development of infections thanks to the antioxidant and cleansing action;
  • gives an immediate sensation of freshness and relief;
  • offers a cleansing of the nasal mucosa from daily impurities.

4 strips of 5 reclosable single-dose vials, for a total of 20 units of 5 ml of sterile solution each. Inside the package there is also a nasal adapter for nebulization.

Shelf life: 36 months