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Eye drops

Innodrops formulations are CE marked preservative-free Medical Devices ( Class IIB ) and are packed into 0,5ml single dose vials or into 10ml multidose bottles.

The INNODROPS family is formed by 3 formulations divided in two main lines:


Innodrops P formulations share the innovative combination of hyaluronic acid and perilla extract titrated in polyphenols content.
Helpful for: visual fatigue, allergic-inflammatory status, dry eye.

Action: antioxidant, refreshing, lubricant.



Innodrops BB formulation is a blend of vegetable distilled waters (Hamamelis, Chamomile, Euphrasia, Blueberry) known for their soothing and relieving properties, together with hyaluronic acid chosen for its humectant action.

Action: Humectant, refreshing, lubricant.

Enable Innovations utilizes the Aptar Ophthalmic Squeeze Dispenser (OSD) and Nemera Novelia® systems for the application of preservative free multidose solutions.

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