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Innodrops BB

Eye drop solution based on hyaluronic acid, glycerin and distilled waters.

INNODROPS BB thanks to its components confers a protective, hydrating and humectant action and it helps to stabilize and reinstate the lacrimal film and reduce friction during blinking.

INNODROPS BB is a refreshing solution suitable for people suffering of occasional dry eye or lack of tearing. It gives prompt relief and restores the daily wellness.

The product can be used with contact lenses.
The product is preservative-free.

0,5 ml reclosable single dose containers

10 ml preservative free bottle

Shelf life: 36 months

Download the package leaflet of Innodrops BB single-dose: IFU BB single-dose 

Download the package leaflet of Innodrops BB multidose: IFU BB multidose