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Innodrops F2

Eye drop solution based on Perilla Frutescens dr extract, hyalurinic acid, HPMC and glycerin.

INNODROPS F2 thanks to its components confers an antioxidant action that helps to relieve from the states of redeness and irritation caused by oxidative stress and to confer an intense lubricant and humectant action for the ocular surface.

INNODROPS F2 is intended for the mitigation of dry eye symptomatology related to blepharitis and allergic conjunctivitis and in case of ophthalmic stress due to a prolonged use of eye drops containing preservatives in a chronic local therapy.

The product can be used with contact lenses.
The product is preservative-free.

 Reclosable single-dose vials filled at 0,5 ml

Shelf life: : 24 months

Download the package leaflet of Innodrops F2 single-dose: IFU F2