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Innodrops LIPO

Medium molecular weight Sodium Hyaluronate and Liposomes

INNODROPS LIPO is recommended to relieve from ocular redness, dryness and tiredness caused by dry eye syndrome in particular caused by the inadequate quality of the lipid layer of the ocular surface, by environmental stress (dust, allergens, smoke, smog, air conditioned) and by ocular stress due to prolonged use of the computer, television and video display terminal. The product can be used even by contact lenses wearers, without having to remove them, to improve eye lubrication and comfort.

0,5 ml reclosable single dose containers

Shelf life: 36 months


Liposomes are vesicles, mainly composed of phospholipids, primary components for the formation of the lipid layer of the tear film. Thanks to their lipid nature, Liposomes enhance the functional support to the ocular surface, re-establishing the lipid layer thus restraining and controlling the tear film.